Transparent Hydro Powered Bitcoin Mining Done Right

  • Cheap clean energy paid a year upfront
  • A team of world class mining experts
  • Transparent company and investment structure


Experienced Bitcoin mining experts

  • Our team of world class mining experts currently manage over 20,000 miners day-to-day; we live and breathe mining!
  • We already have started mining at our facility where 1080 S9 miners are working now.

Equipment & electricity
purchased upfront

  • Mining equipment and heavily discounted electricity are paid upfront, which reduces mining cost and increases predictability of our operations.
  • This will act as a safety net for investors and allow us to carry out mining ventures without the type of bill payment problems that other mining companies face.

High Transparent Lifetime Payouts

  • 70% of all mined coins will be shared between token holders.
  • There are no hidden costs and we offer leading output per token in the industry!

Token Sale You Can’t Afford To Miss

We will conduct an IEO to sell Mintmine tokens through a crypto exchange.
An IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) relies on an exchange to function as the regulator - making it significantly more difficult to abuse. This is safer, more trustworthy, and more transparent than an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Certain Token Listing

on Exchange

Exchanges Protect

Your Funds

Large Investor


Extensive Vetting


Why Mine? Why now? Why MintMine?

Where do Bitcoins
even come from?

Usually governments print and distribute money. Bitcoin however doesn't have a central government. With Bitcoin, miners use special software to solve math problems and are rewarded in bitcoins from the blockchain. They then sell the bitcoins to people, causing more bitcoins to appear in circulation.

"ASIC mining is still highly profitable, despite a bear market."

Why do people
mine Bitcoin?

Simple - it's highly profitable when done right and it keeps getting more profitable..

"ASIC mining continues to be surprisingly profitable."

Can I mine Bitcoin?

Of course you can, but there are some things you need to know first:
1. Mining profit is heavily dependent on electricity costs.
2. To profit from mining you must have specialized mining hardware (ASIC).
3. Without proper maintenance ASIC hardware can run into a number of issues.

"Profits earned from bitcoin mining have seen a clear rise since the start of April 2019."

Why mine now?

Recently mining bitcoin has become substantially more profitable because of the following:
1. New ASIC miners can mine 10 times more bitcoin for the same cost as several years ago.
2. Many miners shut down in the second half of 2018 because of the low BTC price and the high break-even point.
3. BTC price has been steadily increasing and is expected to sky-rocket due to the upcoming BTC halving.

"The block reward halving tends to have long-term positive effects on the price of bitcoin."

Can you do it
for me?

Absolutely, we are a dedicated mining company made by an experienced team of professionals with a crystal clear operation structure and monthly payouts. We pay a year upfront for the cheapest clean energy in the world and have a solid track record of running multi-million dollar mining operations.

"Bitcoin mining is finally profitable for miners and getting its prospects back after the year-long sluggish market."

Bonus Rounds & Exchanges










Calculate Output

*Bonus 40%
Profit in:
1 year
2 year
3 year
Total Output in *3 years

Our own environmentally friendly data centre

Located in Quebec, Canada the state of the art mining facility is right near the biggest power plant in North America. It's a 10,000 sq. ft facility constructed in May 2018 using brand new equipment of the highest quality.  With up to 6.7 Mega Watts of clean zero-CO2 power at our disposal there will be no limit to scalability.

MVP - already mining and it’s highly profitable

In order to ensure that facility will suit mining needs, we went ahead of ourselves. Currently our 1080 Antminer S9 rigs are mining Bitcoin 24/7, and it is still highly profitable!
Now it is your turn to tap into this rich vein of crypto gold…

Come visit our headquarters
for a cup of tea!

Our main office is located in one of the largest financial centres of the world - London. We are always ready to assist any client and answer all questions on-site.

Check the mining farm

In order to ensure that facility will suit mining needs, we went ahead of ourselves. Currently our 1080 Antminer S9 rigs are mining Bitcoin 24/7, and it is still highly profitable!
Now it is your turn to tap into this rich vein of crypto gold…

The pinnacle of 

hydro-powered goodness


"Green Crypto Mining Will Define
The Industry’s $38bn Future."

Undeniably the thorn in bitcoin mining's foot is electricity. It's an aspect of mining that cannot be taken lightly for when it is, entire operations can fail.

So what is MintMine's solution?

Mainly - we get the best price for clean electricity in the world from Canada - the world's second largest hydro-power producer. We do it by paying 1 year upfront - it's that simple.

Buying electricity upfront means that we will keep on even when others can't

*U.S. Dollar Cents per kWh

Antminer S17

Released in April 2019
  • 53 TH/s
  • 2200 W

Our Hardware

We use the best Bitcoin miner currently available - the Antminer S17 which has a Hash rate of 53 TH/s, 2200 W. It can mine efficiently for years to come.

We get our miners directly from the largest mining pool operator and ASIC mining equipment manufacturer in the world - Bitmain.

Meet the Ultimate Team

Creating value in Blockchain & Fintech companies.
Strong believer in transparency that blockchain brings to finance industry.
Have been involved in startups, mergers, acquisitions, investments and management buyouts.
Raised investments from institutional investors, HNIs.
Skilled in Quantitative Analysis, Financial Risk Management, Fundamental Analysis and Corporate Finance.

Frederick Westmoreland

CEO & Co Founder

Equity and cryptocurrency analyst with a proven track record. Has managed over £4M crypto portfolio for investment funds.
He has been an early adopter of blockchain technology, trading and mining cryptocurrencies since 2012.
Has expertise in cryptocurrency fundamental analysis, algorithmic and arbitrage trading.

Omar Rahmat

COO & Co Founder

Currently manages over 20,000 ASIC miners day-to-day, of which 6,500 he hosts and manages on behalf of large private clients.
He has personally been involved in the ground up development of over 40 Megawatts of crypto mining facilities in Canada.  

Vadim Kirichenko

Mining Developer

Experienced CFO with proven record of establishing cross-functional partnerships to deliver stellar results. Agile, strategic, and hands-on leader driving operations within analytics, marketing, sales, and business development areas in early-stage and middle market companies. Accountable for budgets up to $130 million and allocating resources to drive organizational and profit growth internationally. Particularly adept at streamlining, organizing, and leading company staff productively.

Jeremy Sanders


From middle of 2016 began to take an active interest in projects, connected with blockchain.
Maxim has over 15 year experience in FinTech area along with financial information system security and it helps greatly in blockchain projects.
He had taken part in the development of decentralised applications from February 2017 which initiated the beginning of a new era of Internet - evolution of Web 3.0

Maxim Prischepo


Over 1 Year of experience with Venture Capitalists and start-ups in fund raising, valuation, deal-sourcing, M&A and term-sheet negotiation.
4 years of work experience in Corporate Finance.

Responsibilities handled include P&L, Vertical M&A transactions, Services Expenditure, Indirect Taxation and Dealership Management.

Mayank Talwar

Business Analyst 

Analytics is at the heart of each business. Open any successful company’s mission statement and you will see “data driven” , “AI first” or their derivatives. After 13+ years experience in the financial sector, putting advanced analytics to practice and complex projects in production, now Hristo focuses on showing individuals, projects and companies how data can work for them and not the other way around.

Hristo Piyankov

Cryptocurrency Analyst

Proactive, performance-driven, certified project management professional (PMP®, CSM®).
High expertise in planning, organizing and managing cross-functional resources within complex global projects.

Cross-functional communicator easily interfacing with high-profile staff, vendors and customers.

Maks Kremer

Project Manager

Co-founder of RealTract

3 years Experience in Solidity and Blockchain activities,
specializes in HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, PHP, Node.Js, React, MongoDb

Vitally Marinchenko

Solidity Developer

Co-founder of ICO Bulls marketing agency. Yazan has helped over 30 ICOs to raise funds with unconventional marketing techniques and venture capital outreach. He is a seasoned professional in investors relations management and business development.

Yazan Alimam

Business Developer

Founder of the Hetman devs. agency. Qualified client-facing Project Manager, WordPress developer and UI/UX designer with over 7 years experience.
A strategic thinker with excellent problem solving skills, agile and highly adaptable and experienced in diverse and challenging environments.

Vadym Vasylenko

Front-end Developer

Co-founder of WeCreate design agency, that provides UI/UX solutions for blockchain projects. Darya  has managed several end-to-end platform design development. She makes sure that blockchain solutions are intuitive for its users.

Darya Hniadzko

Design UI/UX

An experienced copywriter who is well-versed in the cryptocurrency space, which he has been heavily involved with since early 2016. He has written and co-written content published across websites such as and, as well as pieces for smaller crypto-focused outlets such as

Alejandro Miguel

Content Manager


Founder of Rivera Engineering LLC

Energetic Electrical Engineer with 20+ years of experience. With expertise on Buildings, Telecom sites, Solar Energy & Infrastructure.

A leader in Electrical Engineering for Telecom sites, have designed hundreds of projects for all the major cell phone carriers in the US: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.


Jose Rivera

Energy Advisor

A notable tech lawyer with a background in the banking and the corporate industries. Before starting his private legal practice, he was an in-house lawyer in one of the top banks of Ukraine on digital payments and e-commerce business vectors. Now he applies his knowledge in blockchain industry and the tech industry in general.
He has already served few ICOs and helped on the incorporation of a few companies, including bank account opening, in friendly jurisdictions to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Denis Drogovski

Legal Consultant

Founder, and award-winning multi-industry Management Consultant (2001 – 2019, with a client roster spanning 20 countries. Known brand references include: VP of Global Finance @ Monster Worldwide, and the Founder of Sabra Hummus (see PepsiCo). Top 1% results for emerging to mid-sized businesses.
Solutions include business guidance across all operational components, oriented toward swift growth. Verticals of concentration: Tech, FinTech, MedTech, Telehealth, Medical & Wellness, Bioscience, Hospitality, NPO/NGO.

T. Buckman MBA

Strategic Advisor, Brand & Marketing

Don't miss 40% bonus

When Bitcoin first appeared 10 years ago it's price was just a few cents per coin. We've all read stories about those lucky few - the early-adopters who became crypto millionaires.

We won't promise the world. But what we do offer is 40% bonus for the first token holders.


Have any questions? Check here.

Will it get listed on exchange?

We plan to conduct IEO on 3 exchanges, where MTMN will also be listed after the sale.
Exact exchange names will be announced soon..

How to participate?

1. Sign up on the exchange: simply enter your email address.
2. Verify your account: go to SETTINGS-VERIFY and follow the instructions.(Your account will be active in less than 24 hours.)
3. Fund your wallet with Bitcoin: click the DEPOSIT button and send Bitcoin to exchange address.
4. Go to the token sale page: choose the amount of token you wish to purchase and click BUY.

What is the minimum?

Our minimum participation amount is $100

When the mining will start?

Our mining rigs will be operational in September 2020, and the first payout is scheduled on October 31st 2020.

A guarantee that other mining operations can’t offer…

MintMine will buy electricity for one year upfront and will have a reserve fund to power the operation for at least three years.

Most operations are closing due to high costs, we will continue to mine because our main costs are covered.

Others can't promise that.

Stay Informed!

Receive sale-reminders, special offers and news about the company.

Don't miss 40% bonus!


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