Will it get listed on exchange?

We plan to conduct IEO on 3 exchanges, where MTMN will also be listed after the sale.
Exact exchange names will be announced soon..

How to participate?

1. Sign up on the exchange: simply enter your email address.
2. Verify your account: go to SETTINGS-VERIFY and follow the instructions.(Your account will be active in less than 24 hours.)
3. Fund your wallet with Bitcoin: click the DEPOSIT button and send Bitcoin to exchange address.
4. Go to the token sale page: choose the amount of token you wish to purchase and click BUY.

What is the minimum?

Our minimum participation amount is $100

When the mining will start?

Our mining rigs will be operational in September 2020, and the first payout is scheduled on October 31st 2020.

How revenue will be distributed?

Upon commencement of mining operations, 70 percent of monthly net output (total output) will be converted to Ether (ETH)
and automatically distributed to MTMN Token Holders via Ethereum-based “smart contracts”.
MTMN Token Holders are free to do with these distributions as they wish.

What is the security of the facility?

The facility itself will be monitored 24/7 and will follow stringent security practices and standard operating procedures (S.O.P.)
to maximise security of the facility and its equipment, health and safety, fire safety and all protocols for natural disasters.